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Dressing for Your Audience: Studying in Public

For every chance I’m able to study in my cozy room, there are even more times I’ve had to pack up my bag and head over to the library to crack done and finish studying.

The whole idea around studying is learning the material; so many times, what we wear while we learn isn’t a priority, which is completely understandable. I am personally guilty of running to the library without a second thought about what I was wearing. Despite this, the library is place where hundreds of students are studying, learning, and interacting. While it is a place of learning, it’s also an ideal situation to discover new opportunities. 

Dressing for this audience is particulary easy, so even more so to try it out! Below is an example of a potential studying outfit:  

what I wear: Library
The main characteristics of this outfit is the idea of swapping. Instead of those sweatpants? Maybe change them out for flattering skinny jeans, or even leggings (if you are wearing a tunic!). Instead of wearing a college sweatshirt, perhaps exchange it out for a fleece pullover. 
Remember, the library is not a fashion show. If you are more comfortable wearing something different, don’t feel as if you have to change your whole wardrobe. These simple changes are usually comfortable, and more ‘put together’, however you might not want to pull an all-nighter in something you don’t want to wear. The main purpose of dressing for your audience is make sure you are confident.
audience: The intended audience was those who I went to dinner with, however, the indirect audience could also be everybody at the restaurant, the staff, and anybody I came into contact with.
purpose of this outfit: I chose to wear this particular ensamble for the fact that I was going to nice place for dinner, so I wanted to wear something that wasn’t to revealing. However, because it was a peer’s birthday dinner, I also wanted to wear something that was ‘current’ and was flattering. 
revisions: While I look at this outfit, I would change the cross-body so it could fit my items, or simply remove them. I would also straighten out the top, so it would be more ‘crisp’.
audience: Orginally, the target audience was my classmates, as I also wore this outfit to class. However, much later into the afternoon I also ended up going to a sport’s bar, so my target audience shifted from my friends to my peers.
purpose: The purpose of this outfit is all based around remaining apporpirate for multiple situations and also being confident. 
revisions: There wouldn’t be much I would have changed, due to both settings being fairly low-key. However, there would be the chance I would have changed my footwear into a different flat or wedge for the sport’s bar.